Brand building for Gen Z — Brand building for Gen Z — Brand building for Gen Z — Brand building for Gen Z — 

When Dutch service provider Tele2 launched their 4G network in 2015, they decided it was time to revamp the brand from a price fighter to a data hero.

That meant the best 4G network, at the lowest price, with unlimited data - a mindblowing proposition that made saving and scrimping on data obsolete and unnecesary. Cautious was out; carefree was in.

As Tele2's digital marketing partner, code d'azur took over the web and made it a more fun place. We flooded the internet with Tele2's new identity as a fun rebel, hammering home their powerful new mantra: "Not because you have to but because you can."



Join the data revolution

We started a data revolution that included everyone in our mission: to make unlimited data available to all, and to unleash unlimited fun on all digital channels.

Grid with various images related to brand buiding of Tele2, such as;  a guy riding a green horse in a fairytale environment, a crowd taking selfies on the stairs of a classic stairwell, helicopterview of New York, a woman lecturing on the dragon anatomy, woman sitting on the floor in the dark looking at her cellphone and kitten swiping on a tablet.

Even the most simple promotions became showstopping productions. Nothing was too colorful, too crazy or too over the top. Soon, everyone was drowning themselves in data... "not because you have to, but just because you can."

Tele2's consideration doubled and market share tripled. As a result, Tele2 was the only service provider to show business growth between 2015 and 2017.

phase one


Online heroes & emojis for good

From fame and fortune to fashion and the future, we did it all. We celebrated online heroes: real people wo hit the big time thanks to excessive internetting. We designed funky VR glasses so everyone can #streamwithstyle.

Collage of various emoji's such as a pink heart, smiley, pile of poo, banana and speech balloon.

Because fun should always feel good, we helped the Dutch Food Bank create the longest grocery list using emojis and Whatsapp, raising €100,000 towards food security for those in need.



From super selfie to Snapchat

Brand building for GenZ means knowing who they love and what they need. So we hid golden tickets in rap star Lil' Kleine's Snapchat stories and created an eye-popping lens tailer-made for Super Super Super selfies.


Thousands of screenshots and selfies later, Tele2 enjoyed scoring big time, carving out a place in the hearts (and phones) of its hard-to-please target audience.

Our partnerships with Tele2 proves that building a brand for Gen Z can be just as colorful, crazy and creative as you want it to be. That's because here at code d'azur, we take fun seriously. How about you?

From a price fighter to the coolest rebel on the block.

We are code d'azur — We are code d'azur — We are code d'azur — We are code d'azur —