Les bleu(e)s,
the rookies,

les bleu(e)s program — 
les bleu(e)s program — 
les bleu(e)s program — 
les bleu(e)s program — 

We are les bleu(e)s, also known as the rookies, the juniors, the inexperienced.

Les bleu(e)s is the hands-on internship program of code d’azur, where the experience of veterans is brought together with the fresh perspective of new talent. This program is a team effort, where you will closely work together with fellow interns.

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And above all,

That’s what you can expect from your internship.

Because at code d’azur work meets fun, team-spirit meets individuality and structure meets flexibility. Expect to be challenged, to step out of your comfort zone and to learn by doing.


Your mentor will show you the ropes. This way you'll get in touch with professionals you want to learn from and know more about our business. We use your freshness as a learning opportunity and you'll gain valuable experiences.


Time to put that experience to use. Together with your fellow interns you will work on a project. You’ll function as a miniature agency with each of you responsible for your own part of the project.

It’s a wrap

You and your fellow les bleu(e)s will present your final work to all your fellow code d'azur colleagues so everybody can learn from each other and celebrate the end of this amazing journey!


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