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Last update:March 25, 2024

This website “” use cookies and other web technologies for various purposes. You can find out more about cookies and how to manage them on this website in this Cookie Policy.

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What are Cookies?

A “cookie” is a technology that allows a website to store information about a website visitor, in the form of a small text file in a browser used by a website visitor. Each website visitor will be given the opportunity to fully or partially accept cookies or to decline cookies when visiting a website. Once cookies are fully or partially accepted by a website visitor, those partially or fully accepted cookies are transmitted back to the website during each subsequent visit or to any other website recognizing these cookies. 

Two broad categories of cookies exist:

  • First party cookies, which are cookies that are directly stored by a website; and

  • Third-party cookies, which are cookies that are stored by a third party on behalf of a website.

Cookies have variable lifespans on your computer or mobile device. “Session cookies” are short-lived, existing only while your browser is active and erased once you close your browser. On the other hand, “Persistent cookies” are long-lasting and exist even after you have closed your browser. The latter can be used by websites in order to re-identify your computer or mobile device when you revisit a website.

What types of Cookies do we use?

  • Strictly necessary cookies are cookies that are critical in order to ensure the optimal operation of this website. These cookies are used to detect misuse and to facilitate the transmission of communications over a network;

  • Performance cookies are cookies which are used for collecting information on how a website visitor behaves on a website for the purpose of improving the website and enhancing the user experience;

  • Functional cookies are cookies which allows a website to remember a website visitor’s preferences and choices they make on a website;

  • Targeting cookies are cookies that monitor a website visitor’s actions and sessions, allowing to provide a more tailored marketing approach to the website visitor;

This website utilizes the following cookies:

How to manage Cookies?

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept a particular type of or all cookies on this website. You can change your cookie settings at any time at this sub-page. Alternatively, you can adjust your browser settings in order to:

  • receive a warning before certain cookies are stored;

  • block certain types of or all cookies; and/or

  • withdraw your consent to cookies by deleting the cookies that have already been stored.

Please note that you will need to adjust your settings for each browser and device you use. The procedure for modifying settings on a browser may vary from browser to browser. The following user manuals may help you with modifying settings on a browser:

In the event you have disabled one or more cookies, we may continue to use the information obtained from cookies prior to your preference to disable is being set. Nevertheless, we will discontinue the collection of any information through the disabled cookies.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that our website will function properly, in the event you decline cookies. It may be the case that several functions on our website will be unavailable for you and/or that you will be unable to view certain parts on our website.

Changes to this Cookie Policy

We may from time to time revise this Cookie Policy in order to reflect any changes in our operations. Any revisions will be recognizable under “Last updated” at the top of this Cookie Policy. We recommend you to occasionally look at this Cookie Policy in order to be aware of any changes in this Cookie Policy.

For any cookies stored by a third-party on our website, we kindly refer you to the privacy statements as available on their website:


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