Drive the future — Drive the future — Drive the future — Drive the future — 

Polestar’s ambition demanded a partner with the creativity and expertise to exceed expectations, dare to innovate, and be the change they needed. 

To shape the future of cars, Polestar set out with a visionary goal. Become the guiding star of the automotive industry. Lead by example on sustainability, innovation and design. And transform mobility and society as we know it.

Polestar’s ambition demanded a partner with the creativity and expertise to exceed expectations, dare to innovate, and be the change they needed.

That’s why in 2019, Polestar chose code d’azur as its global digital partner, and we rose to the challenge of helping build an electric performance vehicle brand from scratch, without an existing legacy to rely on.



Create the landscape

Throwing out the roadmap of “what’s been done before”, together with Polestar we created a whole new digital landscape from scratch.

We designed and launched, the singular sales, brand and information channel within 6 months, making pushy dealerships, cringey salesmen and loud commercials a thing of the past.

Grid with various screens from the Polestar 2 pages, such as; a Polestar 2 covered with a white sheet, shot of the back of the Polestar 2 with USPs regarding range and power, detail shots of the interiour materials, detail shot of thye headlights, images of the earth viewed from space, sideshot and exterior detail shots of the Polestar 2.

We supplied Polestar with thousands of customizable elements stored in a virtual warehouse, creating a global design system proven to reduce the time and cost to market for new web features. 

The design system we created proved indispens-able to Polestar’s success, keeping the brand experience cohesive and compelling from Day One to the present.

Grid with various examples of the style elements used for Polestar, such as; colour examples of oragnge and grey, various buttons, icons, font and fontsizes.


Hit the road, 

take on the world.

Next, we hit the road by launching local pages in 9 critical markets. Then we put the customer in the driver’s seat with a universe of personalized experiences at their fingertips. 


Every touchpoint in Polestar’s fully integrated ecosystem is designed to serve the customer’s aesthetics and aspirations, feeding their appetite for design and their thirst for a sustainable future.


We complement global digital campaigns with quarterly brand activations that go in-depth on detail and big on local nuance. An organic content strategy supplied with ongoing, evergreen content seduces and provokes conversation on all channels, along the full end-to-end journey.

Image of a highway in the middle of nowhere with snowy montains at the horizon.
A shot of the back of the Polestar 2


We continuously craft new pages and optimize existing ones, using SEA strategy, data and insights as the backbone of a tireless content engine that covers the entire customer ecosystem. All of this is driven by our shared commitment to a seamless, distinctive brand experience.



Accelerate momentum

When Polestar shifted to a higher gear, we evolved along with them, amping up local rollouts from 10 tot 22 markets in 2021.

To support new markets with vastly different needs and budgets, our performance marketing strategies are always on, shaped by local nuances, and easy to scale up as needs evolve and audiences grow.

Grid with various screens from the Polestar website, such as; a backpack, baseball cap, tablet screen and helocopter view of a green landscape.

Social media became our secret weapon for optimizing performance. Using global toolkits and customizable local assets, customers are targeted with highly relevant content that pulls them through to complete their journey on

Phase One


Onwards to the future

In 2022, we will increase our global presence from 20 to 30 markets. We make sure every experience at every digital touchpoint reflects the same exacting standards and flawless experience built into every Polestar vehicle.

With Polestar, the work is its own reward. A fulfilling partnership built on shared values, mutual ambition, and uncompromising passion for design, creativity and a better future.

Polestar 2 driving in a hilly landscape.

As a result, 29.000 cars were sold on in 2021.

Challenge accepted, target met.

We are code d'azur — We are code d'azur — We are code d'azur — We are code d'azur —