The business of making life better — 
The business of making life better — 
The business of making life better — 
The business of making life better — 
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The business of making life better

After divesting its businesses in consumer electronics, domestic appliances, and lighting, Philips emerged with a bold new vision: to improve the health and well-being of 2.5 billion lives a year by 2030, including 400 million in underserved communities.

A seismic shift from TVs and lamps, to healthy living and illness prevention. From selling electronics and appliances to improving diagnosis, treatment and home care.

To meet its goals, Philips needed to fundamentally transform from within.


Our partnership begins

Philips needed a partner who could accelerate the pace of digital transformation to match the radical shift in its ambition, and translate it into a new consumer go-to-market approach.

They needed someone to share and amplify its vision of a seamless health continuum, where consumers and care professionals are partners in the pursuit of better health outcomes.

Sitting woman holding a sleeping baby and checking a baby app on her mobile

Finally, they needed to bring their new, holistic engagement strategy to life across the entire digital landscape. Not only for customers, but more strategically, for stakeholders at all levels of the organisation.

In 2020, code d’azur signed on to a landmark digital partnership with Philips. Have we mentioned we love a challenge?



Philips’ massive size, complex organisation and significant legacy posed monumental challenges to the first phase of our monumental task: to redesign the brand’s .com. 

First, we needed to rally the company behind a shared vision of the future .com. With over 80,000 staff worldwide and disparate departments with their own KPIs, that’s a job easier said than done.

Collage of various Philips product pages, such as; coffee machine, toothbrushes, breastpump, airfryer, air purifier and shavers.

We began aligning stakeholders at the ideation phase, where we dove deep into Philips’ organisation, user research, and content.

Together with Philips’ design department, we developed guiding principles that form the basis of UX, design and content decisions, codifying the Philips brand and consumer needs into a comprehensive experience bible. 

We also had to strike a balance between a design that was feasible with the technical infrastructure of the present, yet push creative limits far enough for the .com of the future.

Various mobile views of the Philips website, such as; a coffee maker paroductpage and a category overview page with shavers, toothbrushes, baby bottles and pre-loved items.

Making it better: from prototype to validation

After zeroing in on the main user stories and features and ideating solutions for each user need, we put our ideas to the test. High-fidelity prototypes for the main user profiles and key user flows for the main categories were validated qualitatively with Philips’ target audiences.

The experience principles we co-created with Philips’ design teams came to life in users’ hands, giving us valuable insight to refine our conceptual prototypes.

Then we translated our concepts into detailed design templates, emphasising scalability across Philips’ vast product catalogue and markets, and balancing standardisation with flexibility throughout the entire process. 

A close collaboration with Philips’ data teams on AB testing transformed user insight into solid design choices.


From content to launch

For the final leap from testing to implementation, we launched rollout kits that persuaded stakeholders with a wealth of detail on how the templates were crafted and how they work. 

Filling in the templates with content is the final piece of the puzzle. Our content experts help Philips’ in-house teams identify and fill content gaps, ensuring consistency across the entire suite of product categories, and keeping an eye towards inclusivity and accessibility.

Various mobile views of the Philips website, such as; ecofriendly lights, toothbrushes, breast pump, vacuum cleaner, soup maker and electric shaver.

We’re proud of the new .com and can’t wait for it to go live soon. But even before launch day, we’re already proud of a partnership that shares an inspiring vision and continually evolves to match it.

We help ensure that every piece of content brings to life how the brand innovates on healthcare to make life better. All while staying aligned with the design principles that form the backbone of every Philips digital experience.

After all, making things better is what we're all about.

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