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Creativity cannot be canceled — 
Creativity cannot be canceled — 
Creativity cannot be canceled — 
Creativity cannot be canceled — 

Creativity cannot be canceled. How can a digital experience recreate the quality of touch?

Scandinavian design leader Kvadrat produces quality contemporary textiles and textile-related products for architects, designers and private consumers around the world.

As a textile innovator, Kvadrat leverages on large international events—such as trade fairs and expos—to convey the tactile quality of its fabric at scale, to a discerning global audience.


In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic cancelled industry events and international flights in one massive blow. How could Kvadrat promote a tactile product, when both touch and travel were both out of the question? 

To fight isolation with inspiration, Kvadrat invited 28 artists to create a one-of-a-kind art piece using Febrik, a versatile knitted textile. Each artwork was installed at the empty Kvadrat headquarters in Ebeltoft, Denmark: in offices, workshops, warehouses, outside in nature—even in the canteen. 

Three modern chairs covered in several coloured bands of fabric, in a white studio.

We transformed these 28 pieces and their empty surroundings into Knit! a 360° virtual art gallery and interactive digital experience. To replace the sensation of touching Kvadrat fabrics, we filled Knit! with rich, immersive detail.

Collage of various textile related products, such as; a modern green lounge chair, ceramic vases and bowls and a detail of a shirt.

Through interactive experience design, we helped Kvadrat give artists a global platform for their talent, showcase the versatility and quality of its products, and turn 2020 marketing catastrophe into an exquisite celebration of creativity.

Our design extended from the floor plan and navigation, to audio tours for visitors to explore each concept and creative process, to live Q&A’s with the artists. In keeping with international travel restrictions, Knit! made its debut digitally, then was launched locally during the 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen.

Various mobile screens showing work related to the Knit project, such as a collard shirt on a hanger that is made out of two different fabrics.
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We are code d'azur — 
We are code d'azur — 
We are code d'azur — 
We are code d'azur —