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Sorting travel hassles and keeping you company. How can a cross-platform AI service take the Dutch national airline’s customer service to the next level?

Passengers look forward to their vacations, but often not the planning process. As they traverse through numerous sites for information, organising a trip can be daunting. 

KLM, as the world’s caring airline, reimagines this stressful process with BlueBot, an all-encompassing, multi-modal AI that allows passengers to get packing as quickly as (humanly) possible. And this is no impersonal chatbot.

The airline wanted to accompany their customers at every step of the travelling journey, beyond the flights. And they needed an almighty and interactive tool available on multiple channels and devices.

So, we created BB, a conversational and adaptable cross-channel AI service that embodies KLM’s caring and innovative personality. How? BB caters its output to every customer’s needs - a fast, easy, and efficient assistant, powered by automation and machine learning.

Overview of KLM BB metrics and soe chat screens

The omnipresent BB took on many forms. On Facebook Messenger, BB made booking tickets easy-peasy while keeping it casual with some chit-chat. 

And, in case the passenger is lost (and bored), on Google Home, BB could assist and talk them through the bane of every traveller’s existence: packing. It equipped each passenger with a personalised packing trip based on their personal, destination, and local weather data, getting them out of the house and onto KLM’s flights.

Image of a Google Home used to service KLM customers

We created the basis for KLM to be omnipresent in the personal lives of people and continue to lead the way in airline service for decades to come.

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