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More bang for your (Bonus) Box — 
More bang for your (Bonus) Box — 
More bang for your (Bonus) Box — 
More bang for your (Bonus) Box — 
Blue present that pops open releasing confetti

More bang for your (Bonus) Box. How can in-store data help a grocery giant cultivate shopper loyalty?

Albert Heijn is the Netherlands’ leading supermarket chain with nearly 1,000 stores nationwide (2021).

With its loyalty card program, AH Bonus, shoppers get discounts on a weekly array of supermarket goods, plus the chance to save digital stamps for special promos. Scan card at checkout, claim a discount. Pretty simple—but why stop there?

Albert Heijn wanted to introduce a new mechanism to this long-running, well-oiled machine. But they had never considered using the data from the Bonus card tap-ins—until we came along.

We created the AH Bonus Box: a personalised selection of 10 discount offers, on top of the regular weekly Bonus offers, based on shoppers’ in-store purchase data. A new, smarter loyalty card guided by customer intention and behaviour.

Image of a mobile screen showing the AH app with Bonus Box campaign header and second image of blue opened present that beams light

To access the offers, shoppers simply open their Bonus Box in the AH app. The more often the Bonus Box is opened, the more specifically personalised the offers become. 

To navigate the size and complexity of Albert Heijn’s organisation, we piloted a more collaborative way of working. Instead of the traditional agency-client model, we embedded key people in the AH team to help drive the project from concept to completion.

Various mobile screens related to the Mijn Bonus box campaign showing a Bonus card and blue present popping open with confetti coming out.

Since its launch in 2020, Bonus Box has become the second most used feature in the AH app, and the second most popular discount after Bonus itself. Now that’s a real Bonus for us and for Albert Heijn. 

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CRM & Loyalty can be so much more than a discount card. Reach out to Dani to learn more.
Dani PolakCreative Director
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