Stream with style

Tele2 Nederland

Tele2 presents: a limited-edition VR headset designed by fashion designer Jan Taminiau. Stream in style with this collector's item.

Stream with style - Tele2 Nederland
VR is becoming more mainstream. And with Unlimited Data, you can be in virtual reality wherever you are without worrying about your data. The only concern you might have is your looks. So, that's were leading fashion designer Jan Taminiau came in.


Tele2 wants to create awareness for its Unlimited Data subscription on offer for an unimaginable low monthly fee. It is embracing the possibilities of unlimited mobile data technology, while considering the social impact.


Streaming VR is one of the most data consuming actions on your mobile device. Unlimited Data allows you to stream VR anywhere, anytime. It can make your daily train commute a lot more enticing. However, using a typical VR headset doesn't really improve the view for your fellow passengers. Can we stream VR with a little more style?



We asked the leading fashion designer of the Netherlands to re-design the classic VR headset, not only to make it more appealing to you, but also for the person sitting opposite you. The collaboration with Jan Taminiau perfectly suits this goal.

Technology enhances our world in so many ways. But in a world where we isolate ourselves through our screens, we seem more individualistic.

The idea was to use technology to stimulate reflective interaction. It resulted in the first VR headset with a statement: #streamwithstyle, which was presented by Hollands Next Top Model winners Montell and Loiza. The limited-edition headsets facilitate and inspire in a world where screens seem to transform into shields.


This fashion statement generated 5 million views within 10 days. And the number of views is still increasing by the day. No fewer than 45% viewed the 45" edit all the way to the end.

Some of the reactions:

  • Amazing video 😍
  • I'd wear it while shopping hahahaha 😉
  • I would like to use them during a gymnastics competition because I was suffering from fear of failure this season, and with VR glasses like that I can forget all my nerves and relax without stress.