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Snapticket - Tele2 Nederland
How we activated the fanbase on Snapchat.


Tele2 sponsored famous Dutch rapper Lil’ Kleine’s Top Down Tour. For the grand final we wanted to reach his fans even before the gig started. But how can we reach 10 - 18 year old kids?


Lil’ Kleine is Holland’s uncrowned king of Snapchat. This is where he documents his daily life and where tons of fans follow him.


We introduced ‘Snaptickets’; unique meet & greet tickets that were as quick as the medium itself and could only be captured through Lil’ Kleine’s Snapchat.


Within a time-span of 5 days Lil’ Kleine posted multiple Snaps on his account that had a Snapticket hidden in it. The Snapticket was visible for less then a second. If you were the first to screenshot the ticket (which was pretty hard), you would win the meet & greet.

The activation was announced up front by Lil’ Kleine on his Snapchat and Instagram account.


Advertising on Snapchat was not yet available in Holland by the time of release. So in order to get this to work and to let it be native content, all of Lil’ Kleine’s Snaps were edited in real-time.


Every Snapticket posted on Lil’ Kleine’s account resulted in thousands of fans trying to screenshot the ticket. Snapticket now lives on as a continuous format used by Tele2 to engage with audiences on Snapchat.