Multi Mobile Adventure

Tele2 Nederland

Let’s make streaming more social with the first shared interactive adventure that can only be played using multiple mobile devices.

Multi Mobile Adventure - Tele2 Nederland
We took the centuries-old game dominoes and turned it into a 21st century, cutting-edge interactive experience to share with friends and family.


The goal of this online experience is to demonstrate to everyone that the latest Tele2 4G-network and the giga data bundles offered by the company allow you to stream almost endlessly.

In this Multi Mobile Adventure “De Ouderen van Tegenwoordig”, move from one bizarre world to the next. Since they are streaming during this journey they have no time to look where they are going so the players need to help them, guiding them through as many worlds as possible without crashing by lining up multiple devices.

We developed this campaign in close co-operation with “De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig”. All the worlds were conceptualised and visualised together with these iconic & famous Dutch artists. Faberyayo is flying through space perched on the neck of a giraffe, Willy Wartaal is running through a human body followed by a denture that is trying to bite him and Vjèze Fur is crawling through a world made out of cheese and bitterballs (yum!) while shooting big globs of ketchup and mayonaise. “De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig” produced the tailor made sounds for this adventure.


It is a complete web-based experience, so no need to download apps. We employed websocket technology to ensure we could span the adventure over multiple devices while keeping the flow in sync. WebGL was used in order to ensure the animations were as smooth and allowed us to bring the crazy fantasy worlds to life while offering many interactive elements to keep the user engaged.

Visit and you better bring some friends!