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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Pack Assistant - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
How we created a smart, personal and hands free pack assistant


Being the oldest airline in the world KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has always managed to stand out through their service. KLM always wants to be where the customer is.

Packing your bag before travelling can be quite a challenge. Depending on your destination, the duration and the local weather, there’s lots of things to consider and a lot of essentials to forget. Do you need to bring a power adapter? How many t-shirts do you need to pack? And what about a visum? Oh, and don’t forget your passport!


The very first voice-driven (read: hands-free), smart pack assistant.


We combined KLM destination data, local weather data, user info and trip info to create a smart, fully dynamic and voice-driven pack assistant. Whether you’re going on a two week holiday to Bali or on a weekend-trip to London: the list is completely tailor-made to your trip.


During the launch of our pack assistant we teamed up with online travel vloggers Evan Edinger (436K followers), AdannaDavid (235K followers) and Bryce+Hailey (58K followers). We asked them to try out our Pack Assistant and film how they use our new service to pack their bag.