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KLM handed over its social media channels for a unique social experiment that allowed one person to reach out to the hearts of millions with a special request.

KLM Flight Funding - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Thanks to many small donations - and without any media spend - Juanita’s ticket was funded within just 7 hours and 14 minutes.


KLM has a distinctive position as one of the most service-oriented airlines. The beating heart of KLM’s unique service proposition is service through social media. Every week, KLM gets over 100,000 mentions on social media, 10,000 of which are cases. These are replied to personally by 200 service agents, working in the world’s largest dedicated social media team. KLM offers customers a 24/7 one-stop-shop in 13 different languages on six social media platforms. KLM promotes its social media services in exciting and original ways. The assignment: bring to life KLM’s service-minded approach.


KLM’s social media team is among the best in the world. Practically no question is left unanswered, and no issue left unsolved by them. Or are there? Besides all the service requests received daily by KLM, there are also many requests for free tickets. Many of these come with heart-rending stories. Although KLM would love to help these people, giving away free tickets is the one thing they cannot do. It is not realistic to do so.

However, KLM does have millions of enthusiastic fans on social media. This powerful resource was the basis of a social experiment: KLM FlightFunding. This experiment would give someone the opportunity to approach KLM’s friends on social media with a special request. Would they be willing to help someone’s dream take flight?

Through a raffle draw of all requests for a free ticket, KLM’s webcare team selected Juanita’s story. Juanita had not been able to visit her son in Canada in many years and had never even held her five-year-old grandson.

She had been saving up for a trip to Canada, but personal circumstances had prohibited her from spending the money on the trip of her dreams. KLM gave her the opportunity to share her story on KLM’s Facebook and with Twitter followers. Would they be willing to fund her ticket? Within 24 hours?

Donations – even just one euro – could be made on flightfunding.com and people were able to follow this experiment in real time.

Visit flightfunding.com


Within just 7 hours and 14 minutes, without any media spend, Juanita’s ticket had been funded! The overwhelming success of this experiment gave KLM a way to help those who they could not help before. It has proven that KLM’s social media is truly that: social.

Juanita’s request was shared on all media, resulting in much free publicity. The facts: 99% positive sentiment, over 900,000 people reached and one very happy grandmother!

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