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Just send an emoji to KLM on Messenger and get a response with the nearest place you are looking for. Simple as that.

KLM EMOJI SERVICE - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Looking for a shop or bar?
Send a matching emoji and we'll help you find it.


As Messenger is an important digital cornerstone for KLM who is already offering great services before customers travel (like boarding passed within Messenger). The brief was to create a service to help KLM customers in a fun and relevant way when they are actually traveling.


Finding your way around an unknown city or country is not easy. You can carry around your Lonely Planet, ask locals, install all kinds of different apps, but sometimes it would just be insanely convenient to have access to this information on the social media platform you're already at: Facebook Messenger.

So KLM Royal Dutch Airlines launched a new, emoji service for Facebook Messenger that makes it easy to find your way in an unknown city or country. Looking for the nearest ATM? Simply send the matching emoji to KLM, share your current location and KLM instantly replies with the nearest address. And what about an Italian restaurant? The matching emoji and your location is enough to help you on your way.

Visit klm.com/emoji


First thing is to create 24.000 responses for all emoji’s. To create relevant responses, we categorized the responses to the relevant emoji for the most accurate and relevant location. And off course we have included a lot of Easter eggs as well! Afterwards we connected the Facebook Messenger via our own API with Google location data. So as soon as a user sends an emoji and his/her location, it is translated in a query and result for a nearby location matching that emoji.

Curious? Send an emoji to KLM on Messenger and we’ll help you on your way.