Service Bot BB

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Service Bot BB - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
A revolutionary A.I. to secure the service leadership of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


Being the oldest airline in the world, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has always managed to stand out through their service. They always want to be where the customer is and always over deliver on service. Together with KLM we took on the challenge of taking this vision into the era of automation and machine learning.


A.I. will be better, quicker and more efficient in servicing our customers. We need to be able to offer a consistent solution throughout a multitude of channels and devices.


Build a revolutionary A.I. Not just a chatbot. But an entity that gets to know you and grows smarter with every interaction. BB is coded from the ground up to be fully platform independent. So the intelligence can be applied to different services and devices in different situations.

Messenger: Book a ticket

On Facebook Messenger, BB allows you to book a ticket in a conversational way, making this as easy as having a chat with your friends.

Google Home: Help you pack your bag

On the Google Home, we gave BB a voice and started helping with something more relevant inside the house: packing your bag before you go travel. In this smart service we combined personal, destination and trip info with local weather data to create a personalised packing list for every KLM destination around the globe.