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An easy tool that helps people discover their favourite cocktail and its recipe.

Cocktailmaker - Gall & Gall
With the Gall & Gall CocktailMaker we created a great tool that allows people to easily create their favourite cocktails at home.

The rise of cocktails

Cocktails are hotter than ever, everybody drinks them at clubs, bars and restaurants. However, homemade cocktails are still to be discovered. That’s why we created the Gall & Gall CocktailMaker, a tool that helps you create your favourite cocktails at home.

Gall & Gall CocktailMaker

With the Gall & Gall CocktailMaker people had to select one ingredient, for example a liquor that has been standing in the back of their cabinet for ages, and in a couple of steps end up with a cocktail-recipe that fits their taste. All the 181 cocktail-recipes have been assembled by specialists like Tess Posthumus, best bartender of the Netherlands and many others. People that participated in the campaign were eligible to win fabulous prizes.

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