Affligem Society


A special society for the Dutch beer connoisseur, founded on the inspiration to taste more of life and give room to all talents and ambitions

Affligem Society - Affligem
The Affligem Society strives to inspire people to taste more of life and helps them to expand their talents and ambitions.


In 1074 six knights decided to taste more of life. They laid down their weapons and built an abbey. A place where they could focus on other talents and ambitions, rather than just fighting endless battles. It was here that the special beer Affligem came to be.

Taste more of life

In 2014 the history of Affligem led to the following credo: Taste more of life, give room to all your talents and ambitions. To bring this idea into being we created the Affligem Society. A society where multi-talented men were invited by six successful entrepreneurs to explore and expand their talents and taste more of life. And maybe even start something just as special as Affligem beer.