The Lockdown


The Lockdown - ABN AMRO FWA of the day
Turn any room into a world class escape room


Dutch bank ABN AMRO is looking for bright IT minds to help shape the future of finance. However, they are not necessarily seen as the most appealing place to work. Rather than advertising for potential new employees in the traditional way, we decided to do something that would create attention and make people consider ABN AMRO as an innovative and challenging IT employer.



Our target audience are Data Scientists, App Developers and Product Owners, because they have an exact mind. Data from previous campaigns show that tech savvy people are strongly triggered by games, contests and riddles. They like to challenge themselves in an engaging environment and like to compare their skills.


One way to really challenge our target audience with such riddles and games is through the concept of an escape room. However, the traditional escape room concept has a limitation in that it is only available at a single fixed location, and therefore not really suitable for a nationwide recruitment campaign. What if we could use technology to eliminate this fact and allow everybody to experience our escape room from the comfort of their own home.


In a mobile augmented reality (AR) experience, available in the Apple and Google Play Store, we turn your own room at home into an Escape Room. We teamed up with expert teams at ABN AMRO and with Sherlocked (the mystery experts behind some of the best Escape Rooms on the planet) to produce the storyline and challenges. AR technology is combined with video assets to bring this story to life: In 2028, 'Money' has become fully digital and is secured on the blockchain. But when the blockchain turns out to not be as safe as previously thought, you are called upon as an IT expert to help find the leak and save the world from financial disaster. Once you've set up your 'holodesk' and 'infowall', the game takes you past several challenges that have to be solved around themes that include Artificial Intelligence, Info-security, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.