Warm Welcome


Warm Welcome - ABN AMRO
A truly personal welcome for new customers


With a new positioning and big marketing effort in 2016, ABN AMRO set out to underline their goal of being more customer centric. In line with this ambition, we wanted to make their first official contact with new clients, the on-boarding process for a new bank account, more personal and relevant. The goal: making sure that clients would immediately see proof of the new positioning, and would activate their banking products.


Activating banking products can be tedious, and instructions unclear. In addition, most banks hardly know which products people have and haven’t activated, and try to activate people with irrelevant and impersonal communication.


The on-boarding process should be as personal as a kitchen table chat. With a smart platform that guides new ABN AMRO customers through and helps them activate functionalities of their new products, while gathering data about their preferences and behavior, so ABN AMRO can provide a more personalized service.


Warm Welcome is a step-by-step guide set at the kitchen table. It introduces services and products, helped with explanation videos integrated into the platform. The design and information on Warm Welcome changes constantly, based on demographics of the user, products they use and their preferences. Creating thousands of variables all catered to the customers need.