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Stand out
fit in

Stand out with unconventional ideas. Fit into the context of people.


CODE D'AZUR is a creative agency with a strong digital DNA and roots in digital production. We create digital campaigns but also focus on services and products. We believe brands get noticed by understanding what drives their customers. They stand out with sustainable ideas that add value to the lives of people. Standing out requires top notch creativity. Fitting in requires clear strategic insights and leading-edge technical knowledge. That is why at CODE D'AZUR we merge Creativity, Strategy and Technology.

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At CODE D'AZUR we have builders and thinkers working side by side. Creative technologists, developers, designers and UX-ers, strategists and creatives all work together. This enables us to deliver the full project, from concept to finished product.

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Deeply understand the nature of the brand and of human behavior. We develop market - and human insights through research and love connecting the dots.


Creativity is woven through the entire organisation. Our dedicated creative teams have experience in both advertising and the digital space. Based on our philosophy they love to deliver concepts people actually want and will use.

UX Design

We love creating user journeys, telling stories and laying out user interfaces. Our UX team works closely together with all our other disciplines to create experiences that will inspire and drive results.

Graphic Design

Design is deep in the core of CODE D'AZUR and we never compromise. Design is more than what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works. We strive for design excellence to inspire and guide people who use our products or services.


We like to develop content that people want to watch and not skip, whether used on social media or emerging platforms. Our in-house branded content team have great experience in creating layered content approaches.


We prototype, iterate and develop with different technologies to generate the best possible outcome. Each project has its own challenges and our multi-disciplinary technology team loves these challenges to push each other and to drive innovation. They like to be on the leading edge.


We like to analyse, learn and optimise together with our clients to generate the best results. Our analytics teams are not easy to satisfy, always looking for optimisations and insights to learn and get better.